Hetszolo, Tokaji Dry Furmint 2018


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  • Grape Blend:

    Furmint 100%

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  • Winemaker:

    Jean-Francois Ganevat

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Very intense, fruity, beautiful nose. The palate is very fresh with lime, pear, green apple notes. Elegant acidity and minerality. The wine is already charming in its young age but has nice ageing potential too.

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Set on the south-facing slopes of Tokaj town in the heart of the Tokaj Wine Region, the 55-hectare Tokaj-H�tsz?l? estate is known worldwide for its unique wines and rich history. The history of the H�tsz?l? vineyard began in 1502 when the Garai family assembled seven vineyards (h�t=seven, sz?l?=vineyard). In 2009 the estate found a new owner in Michel Reybier who saw and found the unparalleled value and tradition that place Tokaj-H�tsz?l? deservedly into the prestigious group of estates of Grand Cru Class� Cos d�Estournel (Saint-Est�phe, Bordeaux), Chateau Marbuzet and Goul�e estates (M�doc, Bordeaux). The overwhelming majority of the estate vineyards were classified as First Growth vineyards in 1772 classification of Tokaj: H�tsz?l? and Nagysz?l?. The loose-structured loess typical of the Tokaj Hill thickly covers the volcanic bedrock. Only cumin seed oil, orange oil, nettle tea and some sulphur and copper are used in the vineyards, which have been certified organic since 2016, and of course all the grapes are picked by hand. The dry wines will soon also be labelled organic, but whether labelling asz� wines as organic would bring any additional benefit has yet to be decided. Picking botrytised berries for asz� is truly a skilled task. H�tsz?l? winery ensures the continuation of this skill in the wine region by allocating a family a parcel of vines to take care of during the year. The family takes responsibility for the manual work on this parcel, which includes picking the asz� berries at harvest time. The younger generation return to the area for the harvest and thus are trained to do this skilled task. This not only ensures the expert picking of the precious berries, but also helps to keep families in the area.

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