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Wedding Service

Wedding Service

The Good Wine Shop offers a comprehensive, personally tailored wedding service.  Read on for a little more info… 

If you have opted to make your own arrangements for wedding drinks it can all seem a little daunting, as if you don’t have enough to think about!  The Good Wine Shop is here to do the hard work for you and guide you through all the key decisions.

The most common cause of anxiety it working out how much wine to offer, we have years of experience working out quantities for different and unique events.  Quite how you chose to choreograph the day will impact on how much you need; we will listen to your plans and come up with a bespoke offering.  We will always estimate on the generous side but don’t worry about being stuck with unwanted wine; you can arrange to return whatever isn’t consumed.

As a first port of call, pop in to one of our shops and discuss your day with one of our team.  Either swing by at a time that suits you or get in touch and arrange an appointment for a consultation.Whether you already have firm ideas or are still looking for inspiration we can take you through the 950 wines we stock and discuss sourcing specifics if needs be.  Bring along your wedding menu (if it’s been sorted) and we can have a chat about possible wine matches for each course.

And of course we offer all the added extras you would expect.

  • Free delivery
  • Sale or return
  • Craft Beer and Artisan Spirits
  • Glass loan
  • Chillers and ice
  • Wine notes for each table

Many couples nowadays opt for something a little different to the traditional wedding list.  Why not ask about building a wedding list at the Good Wine Shop?  Guests can chose from wines for you to enjoy immediately or to be laid down for the years to come.