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Niall Ward-Gist – Store Manager, Teddington

Coming from a previous career of animal care in public aquariums – I had my wine epiphany after tasting Le Grappin’s ‘Rouge’ on tap in a local bar in Brixton. Quite a humble wine to evoke such a career change, but it opened my eyes to the sheer breadth of flavour that can be created from just grape juice, and opened up a lifelong rabbit-hole of exploration! I now spend my time seeking out and sharing every amazing wine that I can get my hands on.

It’s a little like asking which is your favourite child, but more often than not you’ll find me drinking Chardonnay and Chenin in all their guises, or sipping on a chilled glass of Beaujolais. Having cut my teeth in the industry in a natural wine bar in South London, combined with an ecological education, I gravitate toward more ‘natural’ leaning wines – I get behind any juice that’s well made, well farmed, and bloody delicious!

Outside of work I’m a big fan of both cooking and eating, exploring London on my bike, and attending the odd electronic music night.

Luke Dowdy – Assistant Store Manager, Teddington

Growing up in sleepy Shropshire, I got bitten by the wine bug when I started working at my local restaurant. Through sheer intrigue I set about learning as much as possible about the world of wine. After a few years with a wine merchant back in Shropshire, I wanted a change of scenery and new range of wines to pick from, but above all, immerse myself in some of the best producers, making some of the best wines that money can buy.

A particular wine I hold dear are the wines of Burgundy - both red and white. The variation in styles, producers and techniques that can be found in this region, and sometimes within barely a mile of each other is astonishing! For me they are some of the most interesting and compelling wines I have tasted.

Pippa Hayward – Specialist Wine Advisor, Teddington

One time Sommelier and Restaurateur turned Wine Educator and Travel Guide, I stumbled upon yet another wine based role here at The Good Wine Shop and added Specialist Wine Advisor to the list. I wear many hats but all relate to my favourite beverage.

My "Desert Island Case" would have to include Galician Whites and Bierzo Reds , fine Sherries, Grower Champagnes, Madeira and lots of Grenache, in all its guises. As a member of The Association of Wine Educators, I get to teach and learn……….never happier than when discovering a wonderful new wine, except possibly when drinking it.