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Marcello Antonucci – Store Manager, Teddington

Wine has always been a factor in my life as I grew up in my grand-father’s vineyard who used to make an excellent red wine! While I worked as a sales representative in Italy, I developed a real passion for wine, charcuterie and cheese, and have now been working in the Hospitality industry for over 10 years both in Italy and the UK working different roles before joining TGWS.

It’s very difficult to choose a favourite wine but I have a weakness for Rhône blends and wines from Southern Italy – particularly the reds from Puglia and the whites from Sicily.

Laura Mario – Assistant Store Manager, Teddington

My first memory of wine is the smell of fresh wine juice after harvest in my father’s garage. Yes, we still have a vineyard at home in Padova, Italy! The wonderful smell of red fruits and the pungency of the fermentation was amazing, but the best part was for four year old me to try this juice – the essence of God!

Once I left my hometown Padova, I worked in some of Italy, Switzerland and Germany’s best restaurants before moving to London to work for three Michelin star restaurant Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester. What a great experience it was!

Now I have joined The Good Wine Shop I've learnt that great wine comes from all over the world, not just France and Italy. From Poland to Japan and even from the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I feel very lucky to share my passion of wine in my job and love to meet new friends to enjoy a glass or two with. So next time you are in Teddington, stop by for a chat about the next ‘dream wine’ you are keen to try.

Pippa Hayward – Specialist Wine Advisor, Teddington

One time Sommelier and Restaurateur turned Wine Educator and Travel Guide, I stumbled upon yet another wine based role here at The Good Wine Shop and added Specialist Wine Advisor to the list. I wear many hats but all relate to my favourite beverage.

My "Desert Island Case" would have to include Galician Whites and Bierzo Reds , fine Sherries, Grower Champagnes, Madeira and lots of Grenache, in all its guises. As a member of The Association of Wine Educators, I get to teach and learn……….never happier than when discovering a wonderful new wine, except possibly when drinking it.

Penny Mulholland – Wine Advisor, Teddington

As a kid I used to love early morning market trips around London with my food obsessed father. Wine was always pondered over and paired with our purchases.

My time spent living overseas in Sydney, Singapore, Stockholm and Munich further ignited my passion for food, wine and travel and I’m now thrilled to be able to take little trips around the world by way of the wonderful wine selection at The Good Wine Shop.

Choosing a favourite wine is a little like naming your favourite child, but if I found myself on a desert island it would have to be a selection of Pinot Noirs from all corners of the globe, including of course some blanc de noirs champers!