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Matt Hares – Assistant Store Manager, Kew

Having been born and raised at the foot of the South Downs in Sussex, I have grown up in what's perhaps the UK's most accomplished wine region surrounded by a number of stellar English producers. As a young man I always enjoyed a celebratory tipple on special occasions growing up. But I fell in love while on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia, visiting several inspiring producers and getting properly immersed in viticulture.

I'm a lover of both the Old and New worlds, with a preference for more classical styles, but hey, I'm open. If I were forced to choose a favourite, I'd have to go for Burgundy – maybe Vosne. The sheer finesse and elegance of the wines on offer, while still being so voluptuous and expressive. Delightful!

Halle Stephens – Wine Advisor, Kew

My passion for wines started young when I worked picking grapes for small wineries in the Okanagan Valley. Each time I go home to visit I am reminded of the beautiful microclimate and how great the wines are. My vocation in wine came later while running a wine bar in West London. I fell down the rabbit hole, immersed myself in wine studies and have not looked back since.

I am drawn to travel & learning about other cultures which I think stemmed from my formative years abroad and moving to Japan at 16 years old. Wherever I found myself whether it be Spain, France, Slovakia, Turkey, Greece & on, I discovered food and drink was a direct line to the heart of the culture. I found it gave you a window into a country’s soul.

Working in the wine industry combines elements of all things that make me happy: travel, wine, culture, food, learning.... I mean what's not to love. When not working or traveling you can find me at my allotment pretending I know how to garden.

Charlie Needham – Wine Advisor, Kew

I got into wine at university some ten years ago, worked in hospitality and retail and went on to complete the WSET Diploma in 2020. Curiosity leads me to drink just about anything but a couple of years in Andalucía left its mark, meaning I can’t get enough Sherry. Aside from this, I regularly reach for a Beaujolais and am increasingly beguiled by Syrah.

But wine is not all I drink; I’m often at the pub with dog, book and pint of bitter. That or I’m playing squash or floating downstream on my paddleboard.