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BLANK Bottle, Luuks 2021


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    South Africa

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  • Winemaker:

    Pieter Walser

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Luuks is Afrikaans for luxury. Pieter Walser, the genius behind Blank Bottle, felt rich just after having bought his very first brand new barrel back in 2019. He placed it on top of all the older barrels so he could admire it daily.  This wine, made in that brand new purchase, is the perfect balance between opulence and freshness. The nose is of white acacia flower and clotted cream. The palate opens with honey and buttered toast. A little warm candied ginger on the finish rounds things up perfectly. 

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Helderberg is known more for Bordeaux varieties but higher up it’s got some really great Chardonnay. Peter was known for only using older French oak, but that was mainly because he never had cash to buy new barrels. This Chardonnay is in new oak, not 100%, but with a sense of the oak. You can’t actually taste the oak, but it forms part of the palate. So in 2019 he bought his first new barrel. 


Pieter Walser, the winemaker at BLANKbottle was coined “The man making mind-bending wine” by The Telegraph so prepare to have your mind blown with some new wines from BLANKbottle. His wines have built an astonishing following since we first took them and are getting better and better.

Every one of Pieter’s wines is a story, rather than a grape variety, and it’s the juice inside the bottle which reveals that story. He doesn’t own any vines, but instead scours South Africa’s winelands for top-quality fruit that has somehow slipped under the radar, now sourcing from nearly 70 sites. Some years he’ll make 40 wines, other years 50. With the benefit of anonymity, variety and regional identity take a back seat while parcel expression does the driving. These are some of South Africa’s most original wines, made by one of South Africa’s most original winemakers. So as quantities are very limited for some wines, grab some now, whilst you can.

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