Emilio Hidalgo

Founded in 1874, Emilio Hidalgo is now on the family's 5th generation, still producing Sherry from the same bodega on Clavel street. Hidalgo’s philosophy is focused on maintaining the family legacy and a style of making and blending wine beyond fashion trends and business strategies.

No longer owning vineyards, sold by the third generation to focus on the work at the winery, Hidalgo buys the must already fermented (and sometimes fortified) from two or three regular suppliers, a fairly common practice in Jerez.

The winery was built in the traditional style of Jerez, with central patios, thick walls on its ageing cellars, albero (sand) soils, high ceilings and windows on the upper decks covered with esparto curtains that let fresh air in, avoid sunlight and generate the necessary moisture to maintain ideal conditions for flor and oxidative aging to develop.