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Botter is back!

Richard Wilson

Posted on May 15 2014

Just in time for summer – well, sunshine is promised for this weekend – we’ve received a top up of our best-selling Botter Prosecco Frizzante (£9.50 single bottle/£8.45 case price).

We also now stock the fully-sparkling Prosecco Spumante and debuting at The Good Wine Shop is a pink Prosecco made from the Raboso grape.

Botter is back!

Botter is a family business. The third generation of the family – Alessandro , Annalisa and Luca – are now in charge of production in the Veneto and are following in grandfather Carlo’s footsteps.

Our ‘original’ Botter Prosecco – the frizzante – as recommended by Fiona Beckett in The Guardian, is a great aperitif fizz and is really popular for parties.

Photo of a bottle of Botter Prosecco spumanteI find the ‘new’ spumante (£12/£10.50) dangerously gluggable and it looks the part with rather “sexy” black and silver packaging. Both of these wines are dry, but fruity. They avoid the rather confected chemical sweetness that some Proseccos have and the rasping acidity of some other cheap-er sparklers.

Our ‘debutante’, the Raboso Spumante (£12/£10.50), is also a dry-style. It has gentle strawberry and red cherry flavours. It’ll be great for picnics this summer or just for sipping in the back garden in some late evening sunshine.

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