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100 Years of the Negroni

Richard Wilson

Posted on April 29 2019

This year marks 100 years since the invention of the Negroni cocktail.

Like all the best things, the Negroni is deceptively simple: 3 equal parts of gin, red Vermouth, and Amaro. Said to have been invented at Caffè Casoni in Florence back in 1919 when Count Camilo Negroni asked the bartender to replace the soda water in his Americano cocktail (a blend of Amaro and red Vermouth topped off with soda) with gin to make it stronger. The barman garnished the new concoction with a slice of orange instead of the traditional lemon that went along with the Americano, a convention that remains to this day. The Nergoni is the perfect combination of power, sweetness, and bitterness, a true aperitif that stimulates the appetite and relaxes the mind like no other, the Negroni is the ultimate pre-dinner drink.

100 Years of the Negroni

Count Camillo Negroni

The rebirth of gin in recent years and its transformation into one of the most exciting spirits categories has had the beneficial knock on effect of giving bartenders a wider palate of flavours to work with, and the world of Vermouth and Amaro has followed suit, meaning there are many delicious twists on this classic cocktail available today. The very first Negroni was made using Campari and Cinzano red Vermouth, but try the following contemporary twists for a new take on the classic:

Sacred Complete English Nergoni

Founded in 2008, the Sacred distillery in Highgate was one of the first of the new wave craft distilleries, and they craft their Rosehip Cup and English Spiced Vermouth with the Negroni very much in mind!

Del Professore New Wave Italian Negroni

The Del Professore range of Spirits, Vermouths, and Amaros are products of extensive research to create new, truly authentic recipes made in Piemonte Italy from high quality raw Italian ingredients. This is a perfect way to celebrate the traditional Negroni with ‘new wave’ artisanal components.

100 Years of the NegroniSo why not celebrate this centenarian cocktail by raising a glass – whatever the recipe – over the next few weeks? Those local to our Kew shop can join us for a Negroni themed cocktail evening on Friday the 31st of May from 6:30pm when we will be offering Del Professore Negronis to buy in the bar all evening.

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