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Del Professore Vermouth Rosso

About this wine

With the Vermouth Rosso, the aim was to recreate the most popular style of vermouth in Italian history using Nebbiolo wine as a base. This is the only vermouth on the market which is made solely from wines and ingredients produced in house. Del Professore insists that this ensures the intensity and authenticity of the aromas within the vermouth as they oversee the whole process from grape and herbs to the finished product. The final blend is rested for several months in wood barriques ??? exactly how long depends on the seasons. They patiently wait to ensure the flavours have married harmoniously before bottling.

The time in oak barrels gives the vermouth an enveloping warmth and softness to the deliciously complex aromas of balsamic and mint reminiscent of old medicinal remedies of the past. There are further intriguing notes of refreshing absinthe, orange peel and vanilla. The palate is full and soft with initial balsamic and mint flavours. These flow into a pleasantly bitter aftertaste balanced by sweeter rhubarb and gentiana notes with muscovado sugar, and a light tannic structure from the refinement in oak.

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