New Wines

At the Good Wine Shop we only list wines we've tasted.  And we taste a lot!

We're invited to supplier tastings throughout the year and have a constant stream of winemakers coming through the door with their wares. A major focus for us are the large Spring and Autumn Tastings which suppliers host in Central London so we do tend to have a lot of new listings in late Spring and late Autumn..

There are so many wonderful wines and we frequently taste and spit with some regret -  but we can't possibly list them all.  The list here is constantly changing and reflects new wines which we have tasted in the last 30 days and have now arrived in our shops and warehouse.

We highly recommend all of these wines and always encourage customers to be bold and buy now if they see something they like.  We say that not simply to hit a sales target but because it is not our policy to list the same wines year in and year out.  We aim to change our entire list every 5 years - which means every year 20-25% of the list will disappear forever.  

By the way ..if there is an extraordinary wine you have tried recently and you would like to recommend it for listing, by all means let us know.  We love a good wine story and will try our best to source the wine and try it ourselves.