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Del Professore Bitter 70cl

About this wine

The altitude in Piedmont, the hard dry soils, the long hot days and cold nights are tough on the local herbs, fruits and flowers but it also means that they get the best concentration of aromas. The Bitter Del Professore is made by infusing alcohol with herbs and spices, all ingredients are infused separately and then blended to taste to create the perfect flavour. They treat each of their ingredients with great care – infusing the bitter orange peels from Calabria as soon as they arrive at the distillery, brushing clean the wild gentian rather than washing it with water, extracting the pink core of the small sweet rhubarb from the Lanzo and Soana valleys to name just a few examples.

This wonderful infusion translates into a unique liquor, ruby red in colour. It offers pleasant and complex notes of cascarilla, juniper and pepper with fresh scents of orange and bergamot.

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