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London's Best Wine Shop!

Mark Wrigglesworth

Posted on October 03 2019




It's official......

The Good Wine Shop is the Best Wine Shop in London...according to none other than the world's number one wine magazine, Decanter.

Held on Thursday 26 September, UK-based wine retailers gathered from near and far in hopes of securing a win at this year’s 2019 Decanter Retailer Awards.

Of over one hundred retailers shortlisted in 31 categories, fifty seven were called up to the stage to collect runner-up and winner certificates from Retailer Awards Chairman Peter Richards MW and judge Laura Clay, who commented: 

I knew British wine retailers were special, I just hadn’t realised quite how special. Wine drinkers of the UK have never had it so good. Wine merchants no longer just buy wine and hope to sell it. They train their staff so that they are qualified to help their customers; they run courses and tastings; they offer in-store tastings to encourage their customers to try something new; they deliver actually and physically but they also deliver knowledge, inspiration and a great deal of joy...... They need to offer diversity along with value. The Decanter winners do this really well.

Londons Best Wine Shop!

Peter Richards MW ( Chairman of the Judges - pictured above) observed that - "There’s a sincerity and genuine love of wine here... A phoenix-like recovery following a fire was attributed to, ‘strong community foundations’ from a loyal customer base. This may be down to an enviable loyalty rewards programme, notably personal service, Coravin library bottles, enticing range and a new on-premise wine service. Welcome back – The Good Wine Shop."

We were thrilled last year to win the Runner Up - Best London Wine Shop award, especially considering that we were second only to Harrods!  This year we were absolutely over the moon to win the top award Best Wine Shop in London. As our owner Mark observed "more than anything else, this award belongs to our staff who passion, knowledge and customer commitment transforms the Good Wine Shop experience into something extraordinary." 

Today London...Tomorrow the World!

 Londons Best Wine Shop!


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