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Perdeberg Winery

Perdeberg Winery - unpretentious and uncompromising trend setters of South Africa... There’s a bush vine revolution going on in South Africa and Paarl’s Perdeberg Winery is right at the forefront. From poor soils and underground aquifers come these truly enchanting wines.

Named after the cape mountain zebras which once roamed the stunning veldt around the Paardeberg Mountain, the winery was established in 1941 and most of its vineyards boast old, dry grown, bush vines. The advantages of un-irrigated, un-trellised vines are smaller berries which add structure, complexity and colour to the wines. 'We prefer to set trends rather than follow them and we never compromise the exceptional quality of our wines,' says cellar master Albertus Louw of the winery’s approach. Despite large production capabilities, Perdeberg is referred to as a 'cellar within a cellar', crafting wines in small batches from hand-picked and hand-sorted grapes. Grapes are sourced from almost 50 member farms - mostly third generation growers - from five different microclimates predominantly within the Coastal Region. The weather varies from vineyard to vineyard as does soil, drainage and altitude.

Dry-farmed bush vines capture the intense expressions of topographical typicity, best exemplified in the intensity of their whites and fresh restraint of the reds which currently account for 65% of their portfolio. Interesting parcels are kept separate whilst small tanks and a barrel program are used to create a portfolio of stunning, award-winning wines that simply must be tried to be appreciated.