Bodegas Lustau is the most highly awarded winery in the Marco de Jerez region, and in 2014 their oenologist Manuel Lozano was named the world's Best Fortified Winemaker for the fifth year running.

Emilio Lustau is housed in a vast complex that’s comprised of seven different bodegas, covering more than 200,000 square feet and housing 15,000 casks of wine. All of these beautiful buildings date from the nineteenth century, and all are built in the classical style, with high ceilings and soaring archways.

Lustau’s range of sherries is also vast but can be categorized into several groups.The wines of the Solera Reserve – the majority of Lustau’s production – tend to share a forward fragrance and polished finesse, regardless of their individual styles; all come from old soleras dating from the nineteenth to the early twentieth century. There are three biologically-aged sherries, one from each of the sherry towns, each averaging about four to five years of age and showing its distinct terroir: Manzanilla Papirusa, Puerto Fino, and Fino Jarana. The range also includes two amontillados, Los Arcos Amontillado (12 years) and the Escuadrilla Amontillado (15 years); the Península palo cortado (15 years); the Don Nuño Oloroso (12 years); and several Cream sherries. . Of particular note is the Almacenista collection, a series of excellent sherries from small, independent bodegas that prominently feature the names of the original sources on their labels.

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