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Champagne Pierre Peters

Champagne Pierre Peters

Rodolphe Péters took over the running of this estate in 2007 from his father and is now the 4th generation winemaker in the family. Rodolphe’s grandfather started producing Champagne in 1912 and expanded the vineyard holdings from 7 hectares to 16 hectares. 1990 marks the first historic vintage under the Pierre Péters label, where previously the family sold the grapes to larger producers. 

Rodolphe is continuing a slow expansion of the property with a total of 20 hectares - 19 being planted to Chardonnay, showing the family’s passion for making Blanc de Blancs styles. 

He believes that the secret to Champagne does not lie in single vineyards or single tanks but in blending and his top wine, Les Chétillons, comes from three vineyards which are vinified separately and then carefully blended.

Rodolphe takes great care with his ‘Vins Clairs’, choosing to rest them in concrete tanks (including an experimental egg-shaped tank which is great at keeping the lees in suspension) rather than stainless steel which allows them to ‘breathe’.

He is working hard to increase the quality of his reserve wines - dating back to 1988, stored in a large, 45-hl neutral oak vat. Following trials, most vintages of Les Chétillons are now aged under cork rather than crown cap. This is a more laborious process requiring disgorgement by hand but is becoming more common amongst high quality producers as the cork allows for longer ageing on lees.

The Pierre Péters style can be described as elegant, streamlined and linear with pure and mineral Chardonnay expression and trademark notes of nectarines and hazelnuts appearing in his top wine.