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Champagne Bereche et Fils

Champagne Bereche et Fils

A historic grower-producer established back in 1847. They have built up their holdings to 9.5 hectares, most of which are dotted around the Montagne de Reims area. Parents Jean-Pierre and Catherine now work alongside their sons, Raphael and Vincent.

Their ethos is focused on working with nature rather than against it. They don't use herbicides, and pesticides are only used in the direst circumstances. 

Their vineyards are located across three identifiable parcels. In the Montagne de Reims they have plots in Ludes 1er Cru, Chigny Les Roses 1er Cru, Trepail 1er Cru, and Ormes, all planted to three grape varieties. In the Marne they have land in the crus of Mareuil le Port and Festigny. These areas are planted to Pinot Meunier and chardonnay.

They make their wines using 'elevage sous liege', where the second fermentation takes place under cork instead of a crown capsule. It is believed that cork allows slightly more oxygen to get to the wine during the second fermentation, producing a Champagne with finer bubbles and seamless texture.