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Romano Dal Forno, Valpolicella Superiore 2013


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    Corvina & Corvina Grossa 70%, Rondinella 20%, Croatina, Oseleta

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An impeccable producer at the absolute top level of wine Amarone production, Romano Dal Forno is known for his attention to detail and uncompromising approach to quality. This Valpolicella Superiore would put many Amarones to shame, and is also made from dried grapes although they are dried for less time than for his Amarone. This Valpolicella offers hints of blueberry, blackberry, cherry and chocolate which emerge gradually as the wine breathes. The potent tannins, which give structure to this product, are in perfect symbiosis with the velvety aromas of sweet spices and jam which envelop the palate and excite the senses.

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Fermentation takes place in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of around 28�C. The tanks are equipped with a sophisticated computerized system which allows for automated punching for a period of around 15 days, including the final maceration which takes two days. After the racking process, the Valpolicella rests for a few days in stainless steel tanks which, thanks to their particular shape, allows for easy decantation and, subsequently, is placed in new barrels to mature for 24 months, followed by 36 months in bottle.

A winery that has redefined the boundaries of Amarone, producing wines of extraordinary intensity and finesse every year. The Dal Forno family has been making wine since 1983. Located in Val D�Illasi, the estate consists of 65 acres of vines planted to traditional indigenous varieties of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta and Croatina. The estate vineyards and farm are located where the slopes begin to rise toward the mountains and sit 1,000 feet above sea level. The loose, alluvial soils, meticulous pruning and scrupulous viticultural techniques ensure remarkable-quality grapes. The Dal Fornos use traditional methods to grow the finest fruit, and then employ modern techniques to produce the best wines � classic in expression and modern in purity. Dal Forno Romano is well-known for a number of superior wines that range from the region�s famous Valpolicella and Amarone to unique bottlings such as Vigne Ser�, a passito dessert-style wine. The Dal Forno family has owned the estate on which the vineyard lies for at least four generations, and has been producing wine for at least three of these. Romano Dal Forno�s grandfather, Luigi, played an essential role in the history of the property by re-uniting it after it had been fragmented by succession, split up between various family members. He envisioned the farm as a vineyard, though some of the land was necessarily reserved for the sowing of crops to feed the animals�the farm�s only source of income at the time. Luigi was locally famed for his production and sometimes sale of good quality wines, and also as a connoisseur of the product. When Romano Dal Forno took up the modern business of wine-making, many still recalled his grandfather and noticed a similar enthusiasm. Romano began producing wine in 1983 after weighing the options of which direction his working life would take. A number of fortunate encounters in the wine-producing world determined him to pursue that career. In 1990, he set about the great challenge of building the winery and the house that now serves as both the family home and the centre of the farm.

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