Pierre Luneau Papin, Folle Blanche Wine 2019


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  • Grape:

    Folle Blanche

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  • Grape Blend:

    Folle Blanche 100%

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  • Winemaker:

    Pierre Luneau

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This dry white wine is 100% Folle Blanche, or Gros Plant, a variety used in the Nantais to produce a very dry white with good acidity similar to Muscadet or Picpoul from the Languedoc. Leesy, creamy aromas but super dry, light, zesty, citrus fruit make this a great aperitif or seafood wine and an absolute bargain.

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Pierre Luneau studied with the renowned Emile Peynaud and Ribereau-Gayon and has been making superb Muscadet for as long as anyone can remember. He keeps a variety of thoroughbred Muscadets in his stable, terroir differentiation being the name of the game. The vines at Domaine du Verger are at Landreau, 20km south east of Nantes. For all his wines the production is largely organic with the use of organic manure, lutte raisonnee and controlled yields. If you want to freak your friend out purchase a bottle of the �L� d�Or � it�s Muscadet, but not as we know it Jim. You�d be ready to bet it was Bu� Burgundy. From 50-year-old vines, the wine undergoes a maceration pelliculaire followed by nine months on the lees. It certainly shows that a committed winemaker can turn out truly great wine, even working in the sandy vineyards of the Nantais with a poor man's variety like the Melon de Bourgogne. And it also throws out any misconceptions there might be concerning Muscadet's ability to age.

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Customer Reviews

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Disappointed - sorry

I like Loire valley crisp white wines with a relatively low alcohol level e.g. Muscadet, but I m afraid that this example was over my tolerance threshold for acidity. Would love to think it may 'develop and improve' being young, but as its closure is screw cap and its not a serious wine I doubt it.

New discovery

I hadn't heard of this grape before but I thought the wine was really good (particularly for the price). As the description says, it did remind me of a Muscadet or Picpoul. Zesty and maybe a bit of saltiness. Really enjoyed it.

Keep this to yourself

Very taken aback at just how good this wine is. A million miles away from the thin, acid Gros Plant of many a fishy repast during my years in France. Well structured and fresh, loving food as much as solitude. Just leave some for me ...

Lovely wine

Think I've fond my new favourite white. Thanks!

A Discovery

Had this wine in a restaurant known for its owner's attention to it wine list. Reasonably priced, filling a gap in my cellar.