Wine Club

Wine Club

Would you like to receive a regular case of wine but haven’t got the time to come into the shop to choose? We’ve got the answer – our wine club which is a bespoke mixed case service. 

You choose:

  • your budget and the frequency (e.g. monthly, every other month, quarterly)
  • your theme or preferences i.e. the type of wine you want (e.g. ‘all red’, ‘all Old World’; ’2 to 1 red to white’; even ‘surprise me – just NO Chardonnay’


  • pick your wines based on your personal preferences
  • arrange delivery in the first week of each month.

To discuss or to sign up for a regular mixed case please contact Chiswick by email or on 020 8994 8184 or Kew by email or on 020 8940 4482.

Regular mixed cases can also make a great gift for friends or family so do contact us if this is of interest to you and we can discuss arrangements.