Brendan Roberts - Assistant Manager, Kew Shop

Having lived in England long enough to see the English win the Ashes and a Scotsman take Wimbledon, my experience has mainly been through iconic restaurants and various wine bars in London after an initial stint in Oxford in 1994.
Cycling to Rome to celebrate my 40th (or was it my 50th?) is the sort of adventure that gets me out of bed , as does Italian and French wine. Old Sangiovese and Pinot Noir from Burgundy delight me no end. Ideally after a game of tennis.  

Chris Karasavvidis - Trainee Manager, Kew Shop

My interest in wine was sparked about 8 years ago when I moved to England from Australia. At the time I taught music and had performed and recorded with many talented friends and artists. It was only natural that I’d leave the teaching side of the profession to pursue a career in wine as it’s just so delicious, interesting and vast a subject. So 2 years ago, I made the leap and here I am. Pairing food with wine is what really excites me and sharing it with friends and family who think I’m taking it all a bit too seriously. They’ll catch on :)

After taking my qualifications as a sommelier and WSET Level 3 in Italy, and working in hospitality and wine retail there, I eventually moved to UK. Here I am completing the WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines.  What do I look for in a wine? To be surprised. The best wine in the world is the one that you have not tried yet!

Shaun Gregan - Wine Advisor, Kew Shop

After moving from New Zealand to the UK a few years ago I started working at a well known London chain, where I’ve cultivated a love for wine. I mostly enjoy Burgundy, Italian reds and Riesling but especially love Champagne. I’ll always do my best to recommend the perfect wine and my previous experience as a chef is a big help for food pairing too! 

Pippa Hayward - Specialist Wine Advisor, Kew Shops

One time Sommelier and Restaurateur turned Wine Educator and Travel Guide, I stumbled upon yet another wine based role here at The Good Wine Shop and added Specialist Wine Advisor to the list. I wear many hats but all relate to my favourite beverage. My “Desert Island Case “ would have to include Galician Whites and Bierzo Reds , fine Sherries, Grower Champagnes, Madeira and lots of Grenache, in all its guises. As a member of The Association of Wine Educators, I get to teach and learn……….never happier than when discovering a wonderful new wine, except possibly when drinking it.

Mark Wrigglesworth - Director/Owner, The Good Wine Shop

My life in the wine trade started when I bought The Good Wine Shop in St Margarets in 2004. Before that wine was a passion and a hobby rather than my living. I had stints with start up businesses before that, in property group specialising in the mobile telecoms sector, as well as establishing and running an American Healthcare company’s UK offices. Having cut my teeth helping set up other people’s businesses I now wanted to venture out on my own and in an area I had a passion for. It was been a steep learning curve in the early days but I guess nearly 15 years on we must be getting something right and hopefully we will continue to thrive and grow. I am curious about wine in all its colours, grapes and styles but never like drinking the same thing again and again. Pinot Noir is a passion but so is white burgundy and Riesling too.


Ben Humberstone - Store Manager

Having found wine through an education and career in Hospitality, I was fortunate enough to spend two years as a Sommelier with the Savoy Hotel. Tasting through some of the fine and iconic wines of the world certainly confirmed my desire for a career in the dynamic wine trade! 

I have been working towards my WSET diploma for the past two years, with results pending for my final examinations sat in May *fingers crossed*! For me, travelling to a wine region really brings everything to life. With favourite trips including Alsace, Tuscany and Constantia, nothing beats tasting a wine at source! 

While here in London I love making the most of the incredible restaurants on offer, and truly believe wine is always better when enjoyed at a celebration, with great company and delicious food! 

Enrico Marcolungo - Assistant Manager, Chiswick Shop

Born and raised in a wine region like the Veneto, northern Italy, wine has always been part of my life. One of my oldest memories is me pretending to help my grandmother pouring some wine from a demijohn to some bottles, eventually spilling most of it… not a great start, but I still remember the lovely smell in the room after that!

Richard Wilson - Education & Training Co-ordinator & Buying Coordinator, All Shops

Over ten years ago, an opportunity to work with wine, a subject close to my heart, happily put an end to my career in Financial Services.  With four years under my belt at TGWS, I now co-ordinate the wine buying, master classes and staff training, but keep my hand in on the shop floor.  I love a wine underdog; prefer white to red and am a Riesling fanatic and acid freak.  Outside of my dream job, injuries and responsible wine drinking permitting, I attempt the odd marathon or triathlon. Have I cracked that mid-life crisis yet?  I think so.


Ben Craighead - Senior Shop Manager, All Shops

With over a decade of experience working in hospitality in the UK and Canada, before I came to The Good Wine Shop I worked for an award winning, boutique hotel chain. I’m passionate about wine and spirits.  As a trained sommelier I also love suggesting great food & wine combinations! I recently completed my WSET Diploma and was honoured to receive the Liberty Wines Award for outstanding results in the Global Business module.  I’m particularly fond of wines from Oregon, Northern Italy and Jerez.  Most often though you’ll find me with a great single malt whisky!