Chiswick tasting events

We have some great events in the coming months, see below for details and some dates for your diary. Call or email the store to express your interest in any of the events below:

The Italian Job Tasting – Thursday 28th of March from 6:30pm, £40/ticket

SOLD OUT! (Waiting list places available on request to

I’ve gotta job for you… on Thursday 28th of March from 6:30-8:30pm in Chiswick…

Interested? I thought you might be! All the details are below:

Exceeding in chaos: Join us on a panoramic journey onto some of the twisty, turny back roads of the best-known regions of Italy with those on the ‘inside’ and ‘in the know’.

Smash and grab raid: Some of Italy’s and the world’s wine riches emanate from the Nebbiolo grape in Piedmont, the Bolgheri district, famed for its premium Super Tuscans, and the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna on Sicily. We will raid them all, smashing 8 wines from producers who are, mostly, under-the-radar of the wine police, who insist on blowing whistles and dishing out outrageously high scores.

$4 million: Divided by the 12 ace villains who are required to pull off this heist. Plus, it is going to ‘help with this country’s balance of payments’ – actually, possibly not. But, to prove you have got the bottle, pardon the pun, to carry it off, you will have to stump up 40 quid, in used £20 notes and a brown envelope please. That is criminally good value!

The bloody doors: We promise to only ‘blow the bloody doors off’ after you have had your fill of the finest formaggio, prosciutto and salami served on your pretend gold bullion bars.
So, assuming you’ve got the bottle, we’ll see you on Thursday 28th of March 6:30-8:30pm in Chiswick for a grand tour of Italy’s undiscovered wine gems.