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Gitton Sancerre "Les Belles Dames" 2016, Loire Valley, France

About this wine

The single vineyard 'LES BELLES DAMES' lies on a Sparnacian Flint soil, across 13 acres and on an altitude of 235 to 265m.
This 100% Sauvignon Blanc is harvested by machine.The fermentation and ageing 10 to 12 months IS in stainless steel vats for the younger part of the vineyard, and 9 to 10 months in 150 gallons oak casks for the older part. Pale yellow colour. Rounded full bodied wine with good aftertaste and flowery nose with good vintage sharpness. Noble wine fresh and clean. Flinty fruity taste with long lingering aftertaste. Generous and full bodied . Apricot, boxwood and blackcurrants nose.

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