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Beckett's Gin, Kingston Distillers, Surrey, 70cl, 40% ABV

About this wine

Distilled and bottled in London, this is the only gin in the world to be infused with English juniper. The wild berries are hand-harvested from Box Hill in Surrey, and in exchange Kingston Distillers have partnered with the various natural heritage bodies on a project to reintroduce this once-widespread shrub back to the aptly-named Juniper Hill. With regard to the other botanicals, there are just five: they've gone for a minimalist approach, allowing each to make its own individual contribution. Juniper dominates the nose, along with aromas of freshly-cut grass, lemon sherbet and a peppermint oil freshness. (The other signature botanical in this gin is mint, grown by the riverside in Kingston-Upon-Thames). On the palate the lime and coriander provide the zesty, slightly spicy backbone, rounded out by a warm, generous citrusy sweetness courtesy of the sweet orange peel. The finish is lifted by clean citrus and juniper notes, followed by a slight refreshing cool-mintiness. Works both as a sipping gin or with tonic.

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